Wrd 2 uR MotheR

My name is Alli, I reside in Ohio


// // Me


and I’m not scared of ghosts,
I embrace them all as friends,
because one day I’ll be dead,
and they will know my name


Basement - Fading

Rain falls hard, washes me away.
I feel sick, I feel sick.
so empty, so ordinary
cause in my head I heard you call my name
I’m breaking down, I’m fading
everything I had will fall apart
nothing stays the same

(Source: 2kmusic)

Yeah, I said that I’m always moving forward 
But my head’s really on a swivel 
Searching for the tracks I made when I left you 
And though it sounds like I lost what I got 
What I’m really trying to say is I’m gonna’ get back what I lost 
So you better tell your fucking heart to look out

(Source: astr0zombies)